I can do without endless springs.

by David Adams

I moved to California in the summer of 2009 against better judgement of most everyone .  People in my family generally didn’t leave and the one’s who leave for the longest generally come home and marry farmer types.  I would miss everyone, but I wanted to go.

I wanted to be in the middle of it all and I had also heard that they had endless springs.

Turns out that California isn’t in the Middle.  Anyone with a map could have told me that.  Also turns out that I can do without endless springs.  Here in New England Spring comes once a year.  Spring came to California and never left.  The result is a monotone joy that is a little too much.  It’s like when a dinner guest leaves a giant blueberry pie at your house and you eat it after every meal for three days straight.

When spring comes to Connecticut everything my family and I do together feels fresh and important.  Even if we are just sweeping out the shed.  If we had forgotten, the warmth and energy pushes us out and reminds us how good it can be.

Unlike spring I left California.  I came home to a short fall, a Surprising Christmas, and a really long winter.  As some expected, Spring has come again to our part of the world and I have never been happier for it to arrive.  Sometimes you just have to rediscover things for yourself.

Dave Adams delivers toys, lives in Lyme, leaves sometimes, and is a member of the church. 

2 responses to “I can do without endless springs.

  1. Cindy Harding Fogle

    I have reminded several people that without having to survive through the hardships and bitter cold of winter, we would not appreciate our beautiful spring and summer.
    It is surprising how many people have never even thought of that. I guess they’re too busy complaining about winter!
    Actually many crops can be planted now as they can survive a light freeze. Even if you are too chicken to start planting yet, you can get out and start preparing the garden. Till in those leaves you raked up in the fall and your compost.
    And especially enjoy the lovely aroma of manure, the best fertilizer there is.
    Don’t sniff it all up, now, make sure to save some for me!

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